Beause a service should
never be a luxury

Philippe Bour - PB-Services

Philippe Bour

From the world of hotels and hospitality industry, I have accumulated many years of experience in various luxury hotels around the world but also in various international organizations as well as private banks. The word "Service" has naturally become for me more than a state of mind but a real philosophy.

I am now determined to use my skills to offer YOU many services with a maximum of availability and a responsiveness that can only surprise you.

In your daily life many of you just need sometimes a little help so my goal, through PBS & co, is and will always be to provide you with the best quality of services possible, with of course all the necessary discretion and thus without any judgment.

Let me suprise you.

Philippe Bour

Immobilier - PB-Services

Real Estate

Your are looking for an apartment to rent in Geneva or it's surroundings?
Let us take care of that for you.

It is already not always easy to reconcile private life and professional life so when something unexpected or a new project is emerging that can sometimes become unmanageable

In fact, between:

  • All the time you are spending looking at add's
  • Calling and trying to get appointments for viewings
  • Going to the differents visits at very inconvenient moments
  • Preparing your files and filling up all the forms
  • Collecting and returning the keys to letting agencies

And all this without beeing sure of getting the flat you wanted !


Work Permits & Immigration in Switzerland

Through our years of experience in the immigration field in Switzerland and also thanks to our excellent partners who have over 20 years of experience we can assist you to virtually all the steps and all types of license (European or not) and that in any canton.

Administratif - PB-Services


You have paperwork to do in the Canton of Geneva or just a letter to be delivered immediately?

In less than two hours I can get you the certificate of non-prosecution or the residence certificate you are missing to complete your file. Without moving you just call us.

Service courier « Illico Presto »

Certificate of residency

Non pursuing certification service

CHF 45.-

CHF 90.-

CHF 65.-

less than 45 minutes

+ Admin fees

+ Admin fees

(Only in the Geneva Canton)

(Only in the Geneva Canton)

(Only in the Geneva Canton)

événements pb-services


And why do not you leave our hotel experience really make a difference?

You plan an unforgettable evening or just have friends to dinner but you do not have the courage to organize everything. Your little angel implore you to find a clown for his birthday party or your princess would really like to meet Cinderella?

PB Services readily handles everything and always with the same enthusiasm at each event!

  • - Evenings organization
  • - Birthday parties
  • - Catering-service
  • - Your Chef at home
  • - Meetings organization

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M. +41 (0)79 960 45 89